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We make finding black online shops easier
by consolidating products found around the web

The culture thrives when people who want to support black businesses can quickly find products made by black shops online.
Finding black brands around the world should be as easy and verifiable. What began as an effort to curate black owned Amazon stores has led to what we hope will be the biggest black business aggregator platform in the USA.

A note from the founder

We deserve better representation in the world of online shopping. When large marketplaces want to earn our dollars, they are quick to find us and pitch products.

However, when we want to buy belts, boots or anything else made by a black brand, our products get lost within the marketplaces’ millions of stores. Well, not anymore. I am making it my mission to highlight black-owned businesses from all the major websites you love and small ones you may have never heard of.

Let’s make buying black easier than ever!

cm founder about page

Christian Alonza


As the desire to support black-owned businesses rise, many individuals are launching “black-inspired” websites to further cash in on our dollars. When we launched One Black Place on June 19, 2020, it was hard to distinguish which vendor listing requests were actually from black businesses.

We found black board games that were created by Germans, “black women’s jeans” using the face of a black woman as CEO (although it was actually run by a Vietnamese man in Dallas) and a pretty well-known black marketplace that is owned and operated in Thailand.

Although we did research to find the actual (non-black) presidents/CEOs, most online shoppers don’t have time for that. Therefore, we are making it our responsibility to not only verify the identities of the shop owners found here, but also let you know if an owner is black under each product listing.

Technology and More

One Black Place is committed to building a platform that uplifts current black-owned businesses while also supporting the dreams of future business leaders. In a nation that takes from us and looks for the negativity around our blackness, it is our responsibility to do something positive with every dollar earned on this site. To support the growth of black businesses online, we will donate 10 percent of our website services profit to help young entrepreneurs from underserved communities fund their ideas. By moving your website to One Black Place, you will also be helping to power another black business.


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